Our Team

Meet The Foundation Staff

Susan True

Chief Executive Officer

In her role as Chief Executive Officer of Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, Susan continues her lifelong commitment to work that improves lives and strengthens communities. Contact her at 831.662.2010 or email strue@cfscc.org.

Community Engagement and Impact

Kevin Heuer

Director of Engagement & Impact

Jenny Kurzweil

Communications Officer

Katy Souza

Engagement Coordinator

Philanthropic Services

Sam Leask

Philanthropic Services Director

Hilary Bryant

Donor Services Director

Yjohanan (Hana) Kong

Donor Services Officer

Elana Solon

Philanthropic Operations Officer

Alexa Klingler

Grants & Gifts Manager

Finance and Administration

Sabine Dukes

Chief Finance & Operating Officer

Alexandra Urbick


Nicole Frontella

Accounting & HR Manager

Courtney Reed

Finance Associate

Kim White

Office Assistant

Jaime Romero

Finance Assistant

Donette Felker

Operations Manager

Meet Our Board Leadership

President, Julie Haff

Superintendent (retired), San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District

Vice President, Trevor Strudley, CFP

Certified Financial Planner, Raymond James Financial Services

Treasurer, Jim Weisenstein

Director, Santa Cruz County Bank

Secretary, Chris Murphy

Senior Vice President, Franchise Development, Santa Cruz Warriors

Immediate Past President, David Doolin, CPA

Partner, Petrinovich Pugh & Co LLP

Gina Castañeda

Juvenile Probation Officer, Santa Cruz County Probation Department

Liliana Diaz, Esq.

Family Law Attorney, The Grunsky Law Firm

Larry Donatoni

Senior Director for Development, Santa Clara University

Judy Franich

Community Volunteer & School Teacher (retired)

Janet Heien

Director of Human Resources (retired), Driscoll's

Rogelio Ponce Jr.

Owner, Sun Valley Berries LLC

Sandy Skees

EVP/Global Lead, Innovation & Impact Practice, Porter Novelli

Kirk Schmidt, Esq.

Executive Director, Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc.

MariaElena de la Garza

Executive Director, Community Action Board Santa Cruz County

Doug Fischer

SVP Director of Business Banking, Santa Cruz County Bank

Board Committees


Meets at the call of the president to conduct the business of the Board between regular or special Board meetings.

  • Julie Haff, President
  • Trevor Strudley, Vice President
  • Jim Weisenstein, Treasurer
  • David Doolin, Immediate Past President
  • Chris Murphy, Secretary
  • Janet Heien

Reviews quarterly investment performance and financial statements, sets investment policy, monitors and approves investment allocations, selects financial advisors, advises the board on budgetary issues, spending policies, fees, impact investments and makes recommendations to the board on finance and gift acceptance policies and procedures.

  • Jim Weisenstein, Chair
  • Janet Heien
  • Kirk Schmidt
  • Sandy Skees
  • Trevor Strudley
  • Pat Kelly*
  • James C. Thompson*
  • Lance Wexler*
  • Jessica Locatelli*
  • Krista Snelling*
  • Freny Cooper*

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Gift Acceptance

Advises on considering, accepting or rejecting any and all gifts or bequests to the Foundation that cannot be accepted by the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating and Financial Officer, or the Philanthropic Services Director in accordance with the gift acceptance policy.

  • James C. Thompson*, Chair
  • Larry Donatoni
  • Kirk Schmidt
  • Tom Brezsny*
  • Dina Hoffmann*
  • Victoria Viso*
Engagement & Impact

Sets direction for grants program, identifies funding priorities, reviews and recommends proposals for funding, and participates in site visits.

  • David Doolin, Co-Chair
  • Chris Murphy, Co-Chair
  • Gina Castañeda
  • Liliana Diaz
  • Larry Donatoni
  • Judy Franich
  • Julie Haff
  • Janet Heien
  • Rogelio Ponce
  • Jim Weisenstein
  • Doug Fischer
  • MariaElena de la Garza
  • Cynthia Druley*
  • Adele Eberhart*

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Nominating and Board Development

Identifies and recruits new board members, develops and implements ongoing board training and assessment programs.

  • Janet Heien, Chair
  • David Doolin
  • Julie Haff
  • Kirk Schmidt

Recommends policies and oversees scholarship administration. Selects the scholarship recipients.

  • Liliana Diaz, Chair
  • Gina Castañeda
  • Julie Haff
  • Judy Franich
  • Donna Ziel*

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Impact Investment

Creates policies and loan criteria, provides portfolio oversight, and reviews potential impact investments

  • Trevor Strudley, Chair
  • Larry Donatoni
  • Rogelio Ponce
  • Sandy Skees
  • Jim Weisenstein
  • Eric Mendelson*
  • Michael O'Farrell*

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Diversity Partnership

Reviews proposal for the Diversity Partnership Fund and recommends funding to enhance services for the LGBTQ community, and creates and builds alliances.

  • Chris Murphy
  • Sandy Skees
  • Jim Brown*
  • Ami Ebright*
  • Damian Maldonado*, Co-Chair
  • Rabbi Paula Marcus*
  • Erica Murphy*, Co-Chair
  • Chris Weir*

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* Non-board members
Non board members are invited to share their time and expertise on our standing and ad hoc committees.

Honorary Trustees

Ian McPhail - Director Emeritus
Jess Brown
Ceil Cirillo
Nell Sesnon Cliff
George Couch III
Deidre Hamilton
Mary Hammer
Dina Hoffman
Samuel Leask IV
Fred McPherson III
Ralph Miljanich
Harvey Nickelson
Martina O’Sullivan
Richard G. Polse
Rowland Rebele
J. Miles Reiter
Norman Schwartz
Robert Stephens
James Thompson
James F. Watson
Rachel Wedeen

Deceased Honorary Trustees

William Locke-Paddon - Director Emeritus
Jack Baskin - Director Emeritus
Georgia Brauer
Diane Porter Cooley
Nancy Driscoll
Harold Hyde
Margaret Lezin
Lorraine Litchfield
Dean McHenry
Gurden Mooser
Mary Ann Borina Radovich
Alan Simpkins
Richard Solari
Don Starr
Robert E. Swenson
Gloria Hihn Welsh
Tanner Wilson
Betsy Woolpert
Florence Wyckoff