Regional Water Management Foundation

A cooperative approach to local water resource management.

The Regional Water Management Foundation supports water resource planning and projects in Santa Cruz County, CA.

The Regional Water Management Foundation was created by the Community Foundation, in cooperation with local agencies, to support high-priority projects in Santa Cruz County.

The work is done under grants awarded by the state's Integrated Regional Water Management Program funded by the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources.

Our Water, It’s Local

If you live in Santa Cruz County chances are the water flowing from your tap didn’t travel far. Unlike many areas in the state that import water, we rely on a few local sources. 

Managing our scarce water resources requires the participation of numerous agencies, municipalities and nonprofit organizations.

Finding Local Solutions

The Santa Cruz Integrated Regional Water Management Plan provides a framework for local agencies to manage our region's water resources.

The Regional Water Management Foundation was created in 2007, as a subsidiary organization.

Since 2008, $13.6 million in state grants have been awarded through this foundation.

The foundation has its own board of directors and staff that administers the state grants and local projects.