Rob Swartz

Senior Planner

Rob’s role is to support the successful implementation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans in the Mid-County and Santa Margarita Groundwater Basins in Santa Cruz County. Groundwater is the unseen resource beneath our feet that provides more than half of the water supply for these basins, and its effective management is key to maintaining resilient and sustainable water resources to support and enrich the lives of the residents in our communities.

Prior to joining RWMF, Rob was Manager of Technical Services with the Regional Water Authority and the Sacramento Groundwater Authority in the greater Sacramento region, where he led groundwater sustainability and integrated regional water management efforts. Rob previously worked for the California Department of Water Resources where he co-authored the 2003 update to California’s Groundwater - Bulletin 118. Rob is a California Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist and holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Geology from his hometown school of California State University Bakersfield.

Rob was drawn to work in this region by the collaborative spirit of the people and agencies to manage their water resources in a sustainable manner. He has seen that the community understands that because it does not have any imported water to rely on, it must aggressively manage its available water resources. This is particularly important as we continue to experience the impacts of climate change.

Ask me about…

Have questions about anything related to water? Rob has been fortunate throughout his career to working extensively on both the technical and policy aspects of integrated water resources management at the local, state, and federal levels. He’d love to answer any of your questions about all things water!

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