Tim Carson

Program Director

Tim directs the RWMF’s involvement in collaborative water resource management efforts in the region. This includes the RWMF’s role in supporting two local groundwater sustainability agencies (Mid-County and Santa Margarita) in implementing of the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and coordinating the Integrated Regional Water Management Program, as well as related efforts. The RWMF acts to convene and promote collaboration amongst local agencies working on water issues (drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, watershed stewardship, stormwater and flood, climate resiliency) and to pursue grant funding to support planning and project implementation.

Prior to joining RWMF in 2008, Tim worked as a project scientist on wetlands restoration projects around the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. He also worked as an environmental educator in the Santa Cruz mountains and elsewhere in California. He has a Master’s in Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara and a Bachelor of Science from UC Davis.

Water plays a vital role in our daily lives and is essential to sustaining a healthy and vibrant community. Whether it’s access to safe, drinkable water flowing from the tap, toilets that flush into sanitary sewer systems that function properly, roadways that don’t flood during storms, watersheds that support biodiversity, healthy waterways with fish – services that can sometimes be taken for granted (until they are not working or not there) requires a lot of coordination, planning, and funding. We support the Community Foundation’s mission by working with local agencies to acquire grant funding to advance solutions across a range of priority water resource issues in the County.

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