Types of Funds

Establishing a fund with us is an easy way to invest in your community.

You can create a fund that supports a particular need or one that is multipurpose and flexible. It can last forever (endowed) or it can be used immediately (non-endowed).

Whichever giving option you choose, the fund you create will make a positive difference.

Types of Funds You Can Establish

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds can be endowed or non-endowed. They are flexible tools for individuals, families and businesses who want to be actively involved in recommending grants. You make gifts when you need to and receive an immediate income tax deduction, then recommend grants when it’s convenient. We manage all the administration. The minimum gift to establish a named donor-advised fund is $25,000.

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds are permanently endowed. They rely on our local knowledge to direct support to critical unmet needs in Santa Cruz County, now and forever. The minimum gift to establish a named unrestricted fund is $25,000.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest funds are permanently endowed. They support local grantmaking in one of our six areas of interest: arts, culture and history; community development; education and youth development; environment; health; and human services. The minimum gift to establish a named field of interest fund is $25,000.

Designated Funds

With a permanently endowed designated fund, gifts are made in perpetuity to any qualified charitable organization you designate. You select the nonprofit and we manage the annual distribution of the funds forever. The minimum gift to establish a named designated fund is $25,000.

Agency Endowment Funds

A nonprofit organization can work with us to establish a permanent source of funding to support their mission. The earnings from the endowment provide a steady stream of income while the principle is never invaded. We manage the administration and can help the nonprofit develop planned giving programs to grow the fund. The minimum gift to establish an agency endowment is $25,000.

Agency Flex Funds

An agency flex fund is a non-endowed fund established by a nonprofit organization. Both the principal and earnings from investment are available to the nonprofit. The fund can be treated as an endowment, subject to the Community Foundation’s spending policy, while the organization retains access to the funds. The minimum gift to establish an agency flex fund is $25,000.

Administrative Funds

A permanently endowed administrative fund supports the operations of the Community Foundation forever. Your gift would help us provide resources to strengthen nonprofits, provide leadership and convening to address key issues in the community, and promote philanthropy throughout the county.

Scholarship Funds

Permanently endowed scholarship funds support undergraduate and graduate education, professional development and other educational enrichment opportunities. Our professional knowledgeable staff will help you determine the level of involvement that’s right for you. The minimum gift to establish a scholarship fund is $100,000.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial funds are for tributes and memorials and are often time-limited. Contributions can be made to existing funds or new ones established. They can be created to honor a living person, memorialize deceased persons, or commemorate anniversaries or other special events.

We acknowledge each contribution as it is received and notify you of the gift (if it is your fund) so that you may thank the donors in your own way. Please contact us if you want more information about memorial funds.