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Finding Our Way Forward, Together

Our experience working to improve Santa Cruz County dates back to the devastating floods of 1982 when our founders came together to coordinate local giving for local needs in the disaster's aftermath. Over forty years later, we continue to be a trusted partner to people interested in taking on the challenges of today and helping build a more just, equitable, and resilient tomorrow.

The proof is here, in these pages of our 2023 Report to the Community. You’ll see how we care for each other in Santa Cruz County—tackling one problem at a time, step by step, never alone.

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When last winter's storm waters receded, we saw nonprofit partners step forward to expand programs, strengthen partnerships, and deepen investment in solving our most pressing challenges—all while still caring for those affected by multiple crises.

Our collective giving made an enormous impact on our community, with nearly $30 million distributed across Santa Cruz County and beyond.

2023 Milestones

$223 m
Charitable assets
$251 m
Grants, loans, scholarships since 1982
$30 m
in grants, loans & scholarships in 2023
$18.2 m
in grants from Donor-Advised Funds in 2023

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Our vision is to help Santa Cruz County thrive for all who call it home. Susan would love to hear about your dream for the future of our community. Contact her at strue@cfscc.org or (831)662-2010.