Report to the Community

Our Shared Impact

It is with a touch of wonder and so much gratitude that we share our 2021 Report to the Community. In these pages, you'll find testimony of how we care for each other here in Santa Cruz County.

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National Headlines Hit Home

Like you, we've watched national headlines play out locally: rising inequality, workforce and housing woes, and disasters and their aftermath. But amid the ongoing hardships and uncertainty, extraordinary people have come together to do great things in our community.

Celebrating Local Solutions

As these issues hit home daily, we worked to identify and address our most critical challenges and promising opportunities. Both a funder and convener, we brought people together—donors, nonprofits and community leaders, government, and the private sector—to improve the economic and social wellbeing of our entire community.

Together, we helped:

  • Families stay housed

  • Farmworkers get vaccinated

  • Students get high-speed internet

  • Youth heal from isolation through arts and sports

  • Moms at risk of dropping out to stay in college

  • Fire survivors navigate the recovery process

  • Veterans find a safe place to call home

  • Women and immigrant farmers expand their sustainable businesses

  • And so much more!

2021 Milestones

Charitable assets
Grants, loans, scholarships since 1982
Grants in 2021
Fire response grants
COVID relief grants
familes per month aided by Covid grantmaking
new homeowners thanks to loans to Habitat for Humanity & Landed
jobs created and retained thanks to loan to California FarmLink

We'll Continue Doing Great Things Together

With the knowledge and trust we’ve accrued, and the leadership we’ve earned, we’re helping donors, community leaders, and dedicated nonprofits tackle our most pressing issues.

Whether looking to the past or to the future, Santa Cruz County’s consistent help and care for one another is a legacy we’re proud to uphold. Let’s continue to do great things together.

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