Memorandum of Charitable Intent (MOCI)

A Memorandum of Charitable Intent (MOCI) adds flexibility to your estate plan so you can easily adjust your giving as your charitable interests change over the years.

A MOCI is a simple document that we help you create. It describes how you wish us to distribute charitable gifts from your will, living trust, beneficiary designation, or other charitable planned gift. You can direct your estate gift to create a new endowed fund, be added to an existing endowed fund, or to be distributed directly to a nonprofit organization of your choice. Your MOCI is easy to update anytime, without having to engage your lawyer.

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Starting Out

Many people find it helpful to start thinking about their MOCI before talking with us. If you would like to get a head start on your plan, this worksheet and the questions below can help you think about organizations and issues you would like to support. It is only a starting point; there are no wrong answers! We will follow up with you to answer questions, explain options, and discuss your wishes.

Download the Worksheet

Please note: There is no charge for creating or updating a MOCI. There is a one-time 2% Bequest Fee at the time the assets are received by the Foundation.

Memorandum of Charitable Intent Worksheet (fillable PDF format)

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