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New Donor Portal Makes Online Grants Easy

We are excited to tell you we are launching a new data platform for our entire organization. The big upgrade includes a new donor portal to replace the DonorCentral tool you may have relied on in the past.

The new portal will be available Monday October 26th. It's easier to use, both to make recommendations and to see your fund’s activity (grants, gifts, fund statements). Plus, you will can make online gifts to add to your fund.

We think you will be delighted with the ease of the process and we've offered a guide to help get started.

If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to contact us at, or you may contact Donor Services Officer Hilary Bryant directly at (831) 662-2065.

Click below to get step by step instructions on using the new portal.

Our Donor Portal Guide

Visit our new donor portal

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Donor Services Officer

Hilary Bryant

Need help making an online grant from your fund? Call me at (831) 662-2065 or email