Generosity in Action

2023 Winter Storms & Flood Response

Photo: Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Local

Our community has a history of coming together in times of disaster.

In response to the January and March storms and floods of 2023, grants from the Disaster Fund supported frontline nonprofits, the small business and agricultural community, and others to respond to storm and flood-related needs throughout Santa Cruz County and the entire Pajaro Valley, including the town of Pajaro.

Responding to Needs in Pajaro, San Lorenzo Valleys & In Between

Following widespread damage from the storms and the Pajaro levee breach, we were grateful to have had a system in place for getting rapid and flexible funding to trusted local nonprofits serving those in need.

Disaster Fund grants prioritized organizations with deep roots and strong experience serving impacted communities, particularly those disproportionately affected like seniors, the medically vulnerable, Spanish and indigenous language speaking communities and people who didn't qualify for FEMA or public aid programs. Ongoing disaster assistance is being provided by organizations like Catholic Charities and Community Bridges.

Your Generosity Powered Response

Your generosity powered every aspect of this disaster response. Overall, we issued $3.5 million in storm and flood response grants to help from Pajaro to the San Lorenzo Valley. This includes $1.3 million in funding to nonprofits offering assistance to residents affected by the Pajaro flood. (Click the arrow symbol on the table below for a detailed listing of grants per category.)

Disaster Fund Grants

Basic Needs & Cash Aid

Emergency Response & Immediate Safety

Capitola Business Community & Workforce

  • Capitola restaurant workforce - financial assistance for restaurant workers affected by the storm
  • Capitola business community - aid to 25 restaurants in Capitola Village to help with physical damage needing repairs or replacement materials and loss of perishables

Long-Term Recovery & Unmet Needs

Agricultural Community

Environmental Restoration