Donors and Local Leaders in Conversation

On the Table: Immigrant Advocacy & Support

We began the event with gratitude. Standing in a circle, attendees acknowledged that immigrants often feel unseen and unheard. So, together we said thank you and shared stories of loved ones who are immigrants. Some honored family members or spouses. Others honored friends. As a group, we honored the labor of immigrants in Santa Cruz County who work so hard, especially in the agricultural and service industries. And then we learned how to better support and advocate for them in our community.

Speakers from left to right: Ariadna Renteria Torres, Dr. Ann Lopez, Henry Martin, and Paulina Moreno.

Gathering Around the Table

As a community, we’re at a critical time where we need innovative, community-driven, local solutions to support and advocate for our immigrant community. At the center of lasting solutions are strong relationships. Our On the Table event is a series of participatory mealtime conversations that connects our community of donors to current issues and each other.

For the conversation on Immigrant Advocacy and Support we invited

Understanding Needs to Support Our Neighbors

Dr. Ann, Ariadna, Paulina, and Henry all spoke about the fear that people in the immigrant community live with every day. There is fear of deportation for themselves or their loved ones; fear of being victimized by crime and being taken advantage of financially; fear of racism and discrimination; and fear for the safety and inequal treatment for their children in school. For too many, this fear prevents them from accessing resources like food or health care because they fear the system itself which is intimidating in its complexity with technological, language, and literacy barriers. Through direct service, these organizations help provide the local immigrant community with food and supplies, legal support, and help navigating systems to access services. On an advocacy level, they are working to increase workplace safety, reform immigration policies, and broaden access to health care.

Actions We Can Take Together

Donate and invest in local organizations supporting and advocating for immigrants. Help organizations by giving them flexibility with unrestricted funding.

Support and learn about youth and school programs that focus on immigrant youth empowerment and education.

Volunteer to support organizations working with immigrants.

Put your interest in supporting the immigrant community in your Memorandum of Charitable Intent (MOCI). Contact Hilary Bryant at or 831-662-2065