A COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Relief: How Your Gifts Are Making A Difference

Giving, from one local family to another, has helped thousands here in Santa Cruz County weather the COVID-19 crisis. Your generosity, and our COVID-19 Response Fund made those connections possible.

On July 23rd we hosted our first online event sharing how those gifts are helping those hardest hit. CEO Susan True and six incredible nonprofit leaders shared stories of the strength, struggle, and resilience of local families impacted by COVID-19.

What's the impact been on youth and mental health?

Domestic violence survivors?

The undocumented community?

Those facing hunger?

Watch stories from our nonprofit leaders on the front lines:

Food Assistance

Impacts on Youth

Domestic Violence

Kalyne Foster Renda, Monarch Services

Impacts on Undocumented Families

Connecting Families to Resources

Fe Silva-Robles and Nereida Robles, Senderos

Learn more in our July COVID-19 Response Fund Update

Sticking Together for the Difficult Journey Ahead

Generosity. Caring. Networks of trusting partners who listen and respond. That's what will continue to see us through this. The COVID-19 crisis will be with us awhile and the needs for our most vulnerable neighbors continue to grow. But our values as a community aren't going anywhere.

If you are inspired to give:

Support a variety of local needs through our COVID-19 Response Fund

Make a gift