Our Community Comes Together

RESPONDING TO CRISIS: Donate now to either our COVID-19 Response Fund or Fire Response Fund.

Caring for each other through COVID-19

Caring for each other

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our community’s needs are profound and growing. Many still lack shelter during this shelter-in-place order. Some that do are on the brink of losing it. For others, no work means no food in the fridge. But together, as a caring community, we are working to ensure that everyone in Santa Cruz County has a place to turn for help. We’re here to connect needs to resources and your generosity is making that happen.

in Donor-Advised grants.
in local response grants.
= $8.9 million
total awarded
of COVID-19 local response gifts go directly to our community.

Lending a Hand in Local COVID-19 Recovery Planning

As we work to protect against the virus’ spread, we’re also helping develop plans for a phased reopening of our economy in a way that prioritizes public health and lays a foundation for long-term economic recovery.

To address this need, we are honored to work with the County of Santa Cruz and business leaders to get our local recovery plan into action.

How is the Foundation supporting the effort?

  • We funded a role created for this moment. The Director of Community Recovery position leads our local recovery initiative, SAVE Lives Santa Cruz County, under the guidance of the County Health Services Agency. We are also supporting supplies and personnel for enhanced testing and tracing.
  • We launched an Economic Recovery Council with the County of Santa Cruz, and business leaders to identify smart practices, reduce risks, and recommend steps to help the reopening succeed safely in alignment with the Governor’s four stage resilience roadmap. Member expertise, with guidance from scientific and public health subject matter experts, will support local businesses to prepare for reopening.

For Community Members Who Want to Give

THANK YOU for your big hearts and immediate action. Following the announcement of the school closures on March 12th, we started the COVID-19 Local Response Fund. Together we’ve already gotten $8.9 million to those on the front lines. We are making grants daily. Our nonprofit partners are immediately putting funds to work. 100% of gifts go directly to our community.

For Our Nonprofit Community

To our nonprofit heroes, THANK YOU for your extraordinary work to serve families. You are our trusted partners on the front lines and we recognize your resolve and commitment despite the pressures. We are in touch with many of you weekly to better understand our communities’ needs. We are inspired by the quick action, creativity, and dedication you’re demonstrating. Together, we will strengthen our community's resiliency. Together, we will envision and create a better future.