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Donor-Advised Funds are the easiest and most flexible way to turn generosity into impact

You can create a fund that works best for you. You may want to support a particular need or give to multiple issues and have flexibility over time. You can give locally and to nonprofit organizations far away. As the donor-advisor, you decide the nonprofit organizations that will receive your charitable dollars over time.

You receive the tax deduction in the year you make a gift to your donor-advised fund. You can establish your fund with a single contribution, make ongoing gifts, or create a lasting legacy through your will or trust.

Donor-Advised Funds for Individuals, Families, Corporations and Foundations

A Donor-Advised Fund is a simple giving account that is easy, tax smart and fast to set-up. We handle all the administration and documentation so that you can focus on giving.

You receive tax benefits at the time you make a gift to your Fund and can use your Fund to make grant recommendations to nonprofit organizations at anytime through our online portal. Nonprofits typically receive the funds within a few days of your request. We can also help you evaluate nonprofits and determine the most effective organizations working on issues you care about.

You can open a Donor-Advised Fund with cash, appreciated assets or investments. Donor-Advised Funds are effective and tax wise for individuals, foundations and businesses. Donors choose the investment pool for their funds. You can invest for the long term or in capital preservation strategies for more immediate needs. Either way, we keep liquidity in our portfolio so your Fund is always available to you.

Tax and Investment Benefits

Maximize Tax Advantage

  • Gifts to DAFs benefit from the most favorable charitable tax deductions in the year that you need the deduction.
  • Gifts of cash are tax deductible up to 100% of your adjusted gross income.
  • Your DAF is invested based on your preferred strategy and it grows tax free - the earnings are used for even more giving.
  • Giving to your DAF makes your recordkeeping easy – one tax receipt.
  • Much more private, efficient and inexpensive than a private foundation.
  • Great for “bunching” gifts to exceed new standard deduction.

Giving and Impact

Support organizations you love

  • Your DAF allows you to give when the time is right (even if you need the deduction now).
  • You can preserve your privacy or be recognized for your grants. All the correspondence from nonprofits can come through our office.
  • DAFs are named by the donors and can reflect your family name and much more. For example, True Wolfe Fund, Emerging Jedi Fund, Thompson Family Foundation, Women's Giving Circle, or simply, Anonymous.
  • You may give to any public charity in the US and international gifts are possible.
  • Gifts to individuals, private foundations, pre-existing pledges, or any gift with a personal benefit are disallowed.
  • Due diligence, reporting, and payment is managed for you.
  • We do all the paperwork and you have all the fun.

Easy Steps to Get Started


  1. What will you name your fund (you can choose your level of privacy with each grant you make)?
  2. What asset will you use to establish your Fund (cash, securities, IRA, real estate, etc.…) and what will be the approximate amount of the establishing gift?
  3. How would you like your fund invested? We offer two long term investment pools: our long term fund and our socially responsible pool. We also have short term fixed income and capital preservation pool. Regardless of investment choice, we keep liquidity so you can make grants at anytime.


You may either sign our agreement using DocuSign or a hard copy. To request a DocuSign, simply email us at and you will receive it right away. If you prefer to come in, please reach out to Hilary or Sam and they can help you.


The minimum gift to establish a Donor-Advised Fund is $25,000.
We do not require a minimum balance after the fund is established. You may give by credit card, wire or stock transfer or a check. A Foundation Support Fee enables us to serve both our donors and our community well. It varies according to fund type and size and covers all costs associated with fund support and administration.


You may use our Donor Portal to make gifts at any time of $250 or more. We typically get funds out to nonprofits in less than three days. Looking for new ideas on how to make an impact? Donor-advised Fundholders benefit from our nearly 40 years of philanthropic expertise, extensive knowledge of the nonprofit community and experience advancing solutions to local issues.

Is a Donor-Advised Fund Right For You? Take a Quick Look

Get more details on our funds by contacting Sam Leask or Hilary Bryant.

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Corporate and Foundation Giving Through A Donor-Advised Fund is Easy

Your company or foundation can achieve significant impact through grants to nonprofits. We manage the fund administration, investments and vetting of the nonprofits for you. Our staff is also available to partner with you to design your program in a way that is uniquely tailored to your objectives and culture and to create maximum tax benefits. You choose the advisors to the Fund.

The minimum gift to open a Corporate-Advised Fund is $25,000.

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