Supporting Corporate Philanthropy: Driscoll’s Inc.

At Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, we have the opportunity to see firsthand how different types of philanthropy benefit community life. Businesses—both big and small—have always been a key part of the philanthropic fabric in our community, but one Watsonville company’s dedication to giving back has been handed down for generations.

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The Driscoll’s brand has been a favorite of berry lovers for over 100 years. Throughout its rich heritage in the Pajaro Valley, and now with a presence around the globe, the company’s maintained a deep commitment to enriching the communities in which it lives, works, and grows. In addition to the company’s charitable giving, Driscoll's has developed a remarkable philanthropy program to connect its employees to the community and to the causes they care about most. Driscoll’s inspires employees to give back by offering matching donations for their contributions of both time and money.

“Working with the Community Foundation allows us to provide steady giving and resources to the communities where we operate and our employees live. In good business years, we are able to contribute more to our corporate fund and in leaner years, we can use those dollars to keep our grant making whole – often when communities need support the most. Driscoll’s employees are dedicated to many fine organizations. Our goal is that through our work and our corporate giving we bring value to our communities and enrich the experience of being part of Driscoll’s."

- J. Miles Reiter, CEO, Driscoll’s

In 2001, Driscoll's started a Corporate-Advised Fund at the Foundation to help streamline the company's giving. Each year, Driscoll's has added a portion of its profits to build the Driscoll's Charitable Fund and received tax benefits at the time of each contribution. In addition to managing and investing Driscoll’s funds for long-term growth, the Foundation offers the company tailored services including processing grant awards and ensuring grantee accountability.

Over the past 18 years, Driscoll’s has recommended over 1,600 donations to more than 600 nonprofits like Salud Para La Gente, Watsonville YMCA Family Center, Casa de la Cultura and the Natividad Medical Foundation. Driscoll’s is expanding its philanthropic efforts beyond the U.S. so that the impact of the company’s giving can be felt in every berry growing region in which it operates.

"As it looks to the future, and continues to innovate as a global agricultural leader, one thing won’t change. Just like in the fields and in the shopping market, Driscoll’s philanthropy will remain dedicated to delighting those it touches. That’s one sweet tradition worth savoring."

- Susan True, CEO, Community Foundation Santa Cruz County


We love helping companies like Driscoll's, Reiter Affiliated Companies, and West Marine give back. From accepting complex assets to managing the grantmaking process, we have the experience and expertise to make giving effective and easy. Let us assist your company with a giving program tailored to your business's charitable goals.


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