Helping Others Invest in Our Future

I often have the opportunity to help my clients leave a gift to their favorite charitable organization in their will or trust without having much impact on their family's inheritance, by using tax-favored methods of gifting.

Attorney Eileen Hamilton shares how the Community Foundation helps her meet her clients' needs

I was recently helping an 89 year old man create a charitable gift annuity.

By creating a CGA he will receive monthly income at an annual rate of 9.8% of his donation, guaranteed for the rest of his life!

After he dies, the money left in his fund will be donated to a small local service organization, as he wants.

The Community Foundation provides great support to professional advisors in this area.

And the Foundation has a license to issue gift annuities for the benefit of smaller local organizations as well.

They have the expertise and tools to provide illustrations of various gift methods so we can find the most advantageous way to help our clients make the right kind of gift.

It's a great place to go to find tools and resources for your practice.