Rydell Visual Arts Fund

Rydell Visual Arts Fund grants and fellowships for the arts.
The late Roy and Frances Rydell created a donor-advised fund to support the arts in perpetuity.

Your intentions are honored when you set up a fund.

Like Roy and Frances Rydell, who in 1985, established our first donor-advised fund to support the visual arts.

Roy’s vision was “beauty in the home, in the garden and in the community.”

They said the visual arts should include many artistic forms and mediums and we created a grants program that honors their artistic vision and intent.

In 2000, after they passed, their estate was bequeathed to the Community Foundation, with proceeds from the sale added to the fund. We then met with artists, arts educators, the donor-advisors and other friends of the Rydells to plan for the distribution of grants from the fund.

The Rydell Visual Arts Fund, now over $2 million, provides fellowships to local individual artists and grants to visual arts organizations, in perpetuity.

Grants Awarded to Visual Arts Organizations

Current and Past Fellowship Recipients

Since 2006, twenty-six individual visual artists and one artist collective received fellowships of $20,000 each to support their careers.


Robert Chiarito

David Dunn


Myra Eastman

Robin Kandel


Kathleen Crocetti


Helen and Newton Harrison

Irene Lusztig


Jody Alexander


Jim Denevan
Elizabeth Stephens


Ian Everard
Rocky Lewycky 


Isabelle Jenniches
Encyclopedia Pictura: Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch and Sean Hellfritsch


Tim Craighead
Victoria May


Andrea Borsuk
Andrew Ruble


Skip Epperson
Felicia Rice


Terri Garland
Daniella Woolf


Hanna Hannah
Beverly Rayner


Robert Larson
William Marino 

How Fellowship Artists Are Selected

The fellowships are awarded solely on the merits of the artists' work. Those selected receive a $20,000 award.

For the 2018-2019 fellowships, eligible artists were nominated by regional visual arts organizations [PDF 61 KB] and former Rydell Fellows. 

Nominees must be working artists, 25 years of age or older, who reside in Santa Cruz County, not enrolled in a degree program.

The fellowship awardees were picked by a panel of arts professionals [PDF 78 KB].

Interested artists can view these frequently asked questions [PDF 82 KB] for information about the fellowship program.