Benefits of Giving Real Estate to Charity - April 24, 2019

Do you have appreciated real estate that you no longer need (or want to manage)? You'd like to sell the property and use some or all of the proceeds to help your favorite charity, but you are daunted by the prospect of paying taxes on the gain in value.

Are You...

  • Not using that vacation home anymore?
  • Tired of managing rental properties?
  • Moving to a smaller home or retirement community?
  • Moving out of the area to be closer to family?

Find out how an outright gift of property ownership (full or partial) to charity provides and immediate tax benefit. The charity receives the full value of the gifts, while your capital gains taxes are reduced or even eliminated.

Learn about a philanthropic tool called a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). Using a CRT, you can convert some or all of your property's value into financial benefits for you or a loved one, and still support your favorite charity.

There is no charge for this event, but registration is required.

When: Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from 9:30–11:00 a.m.

Where: Community Foundation Santa Cruz County 7807 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003

Cost: $Free - Advance registration required


Questions: Email Robin Larsen, Donor Services Officer, or call her at 831.662.2061


Sam Leask is the Philanthropic Services Director for Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. Sam helps people to make “gifts of a lifetime” that benefit their favorite nonprofit groups and our community as a whole. Whether you hold appreciated securities, real estate, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, business interests, or other complex assets, he can assist you in developing a tax-wise plan that meets both your financial and your philanthropic goals.

Robin Larsen is our Donor Services Officer, with 20 years’ experience at the Foundation. She provides personal attention to make your giving easier and more effective. Robin works with people who have donor-advised funds and with those who have provided for charity in their estate plan through a gift to the Foundation.  Her prime directive is to understand and facilitate her donors’ charitable wishes.