For Professional Advisors

Professional advisor Dina Hoffman trusts and works with Community Foundation Santa Cruz County.
Professional advisor Dina Hoffman trusts and works with the Community Foundation.

We recognize the importance of professional advisors in the charitable planning process.

Your Clients Rely on You

Your clients rely on you for the best charitable giving options. Rely on us for professional help in meeting those needs.

  • Our expertise ensures every gift your client makes is the right gift at the right time financially.  
  • We are local, with 30 years of community knowledge.
  • We respect and work within the relationship you have with your clients.
  • Your relationships will be strengthened as your clients appreciate how you help them achieve their giving goals, with real tax advantages.

Advantages You Find Working with Us

  • State licensed for charitable gift annuities
    Get help learning about and setting up annuities for your clients.
  • Seminars with continuing education credits
    Get accredited seminars each year on planned giving, the law and more.
  • Gift Law®
    A 24/7 online resource with free planned gift calculators, legislative news, IRS rulings and more. 
  • Endowment Calculator
    Use this tool to illustrates the legacy created when you help your clients establish an endowment.