Investment, Financial Oversight & Fee Information

When you entrust your charitable dollars to us we help you meet your giving goals through sound financial principles and careful stewardship.

Investment Objectives

For endowed funds, our investment strategy is to preserve the original value of gifts in terms of inflation and grow our assets as much as market conditions allow, so charitable needs can be supported now and in the future.

For non-endowed funds, both the principal and net earnings are available for charitable distributions.

Investment Options

There are several ways to give available to you, depending on the duration of the fund and your risk tolerance.

Endowed funds can be invested in either the long-term portfolio or the socially responsible long-term portfolio. Both are invested for long-term growth in equities and fixed income holdings, with the distinction being that the socially responsible portfolio includes companies that are screened.

Non-endowed funds may be invested in one of the long-term portfolios, as well as a short-term fixed income and a highly liquid cash management portfolio.

Investment Performance

Financial Oversight

Financial oversight is provided by our board and its finance committee.

The finance committee is composed of professionals from our community with significant experience and knowledge in finance and investing.

The committee meets every other month and regularly consults with our financial advisor Brian Sharpes, CIMA, – Institutional Consultant, Managing Director, Graystone Consulting, to review our investment program and performance.


We assess annual services fees on all our funds (detailed below).

Fees support our gift administration, investment and grantmaking services. They are also used for our programs for local nonprofits, community leadership activities around critical issues and philanthropic services for our donors and professonal advisors.

Endowed Funds Foundation Services Fee Fund Minimum

Designated, Field of Interest, Unrestricted, and/or Agency

1.50% (or minimum of $250/year)



1.75% (or minimum of $450/year)



1.50% (or minimum of $250/year)


Non-Endowed Funds Foundation Services Fee Fund Minimum


1.75% (or minimum of $450/year)


Agency Flex Fund

1.75% (or minimum of $450/year)


Other Fees

Our investment consultant, custodial and management fees are currently less than 70 basis points.

Bequests are assessed a one time 2% services fee at time of receipt.

Other fees may apply under special circumstances.

All fees are annually reviewed by our board of directors.  Our full fund policy is available on request by contacting our finance and administration director.