Facilities Guidelines and Use Policy

Accessibility: The center is designed to allow for the use and enjoyment of all people. The center may be used by nonprofit organizations, government and public agencies, community groups and businesses if the meeting or event has a charitable component.

Animal Access: Guide dogs and assistance animals for people with disabilities are permitted in the center, but must be on a leash at all times and muzzled, if necessary. No other animals are permitted.

Alcohol Policy: Organizations may serve, but cannot sell, alcohol.

Beverages: The center is equipped with filtered water spouts in the break room, terrace and coffee stations. There are also two drinking fountains.  If requested, Community Foundation Santa Cruz County (“CFSCC”) will provide coffee and tea (recyclable cups, creamer, sugar and stirrers are included) for the fee of $1 per person (10 person minimum/40 person maximum). Organizations are under no obligation to purchase coffee/tea from CFSCC and may bring in their own coffee/tea in premade containers. Organizations choosing to bring their own coffee must supply recyclable cups, creamer, sugar and stirrers. 

Break Room: Organizations must request the use of any break room equipment when the reservation is made and is subject to availability. Food and supplies for events can only be brought in during your scheduled meeting time. CFSCC staff can't accept food deliveries. Please have your staff on hand to accept any deliveries. Organizations must supply all food, beverages, recyclable food service supplies, napkins, containers and plastic bags for leftovers. Organizations must place all dishes in the dishwasher, wash any dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher, and leave the break room area clean after your activity.

Building Stewards: CFSCC will provide a building steward to open and close the office for after-hour meetings. A building steward will be on site while an after-hours meeting/event is in progress. Building stewards will be able to troubleshoot audio-visual matters and are trained on CFSCC’s equipment. Building stewards will not help set-up for or clean-up after a meeting or event.

Cancellations: Organizations must notify CFSCC at facilities@cfscc.org of a cancellation a minimum of three business days before the scheduled date of a meeting/ event. CFSCC is under no obligation to reschedule a cancelled meeting/event. Should an organization need to cancel its after-hours reservation, CFSCC will issue a full refund of the reservation fee if the cancellation is made more than three business days in advance of the actual reservation date. If a reservation is cancelled for an evening or weekend event with less than three business days’ notice, the organization will be refunded 50% of their reservation payment.

Refunds: Refunds will not be issued for groups that do not provide at least three business days advance notice of cancellations or do not show for a scheduled reservation.

Catered Events: While there are no restrictions on your catering selection, we suggest using a trusted caterer off of our preferred caterers list: The caterers listed are suggestions only. 

• Carried Away: 831.685.3926
• Barbara & Co: 831.426.6051
• Feel Good Foods: 831.251.7716
• Invisible Chefs: 831.724.4265
• Michael’s Catering: 831.722.5232
• Monterey Bay Caterers: 831.722.9444
• Southern Exposure Catering: 831.336.4714

Cellular Phones: The center has limited cell phone reception. As a courtesy to CFSCC staff and other meeting attendees, please use your cell phone outside.

Cleaning: Organizations must allow 30 minutes for set-up and clean-up when considering reservation beginning and ending times. Events on the terrace require 1 hour for set-up and clean¬up needs.  CFSCC staff or building stewards will not be available for set-up or clean-up. Organizations must complete all of the items on the check-out list prior to leaving the facilities. Depending on the type of event, the Community Foundation may determine that extra janitorial services are needed. Organizations will be invoiced for these services.

Conference Calls: CFSCC has a conference call service.  Please let us know in advance of your meeting if you would like to use this service.   The Building Steward or Front Desk Assistant will set up your audio conference call accordingly with CFSCC’s host ID number.  You are to provide your guests wanting to call in with the following:  Call in number:  (605)475-4082, Access Code 975406# International dial in numbers available at https://fccdl.in/i/rchavez-cfscc. Do not use the conference room phones to place long distance calls. 

Damages: Organizations are financially liable for any damages to CFSCC property, including the facility or equipment, as set forth in the Room Reservation Request Form and Agreement (“the Agreement”), as well as any cleaning costs as assessed and determined by CFSCC staff.

Equipment: Audio-visual equipment must be requested on the Community Room Reservation Request form and availability may vary. Organizations unfamiliar with the equipment must arrange to be trained by CFSCC staff at least two business days prior event date. 

Fees: Community meeting rooms are free to use during CFSCC's business hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After-hour meeting/events will be charged a $20/hr. fee (with a minimum of $40) to offset the cost of providing a building steward. All fees must be paid five business days prior to the reserved meeting/event date. Organizations may pay online or complete the credit card authorization form. Refer to the cancellation section in this document to determine how CFSCC will refund fees paid.

Hours: CFSCC's business hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. After-hours and evening use are considered to be: Monday-Friday 5:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. CFSCC is unable to accommodate meeting requests which begin or require set-up before 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.

Insurance: Organizations must comply with all insurance requirements as set forth in the Agreement.

Lighting: Community rooms are equipped with motion sensors which will automatically turn the lighting on and off. Organizations which utilize the dimming feature or turn lights off must return lights to the motion sensor position after the meeting/ event concludes. 3rd button down on the light plate is for projection lighting. 

Meeting Times: Organizations are responsible to ensure meetings conclude by the time indicated on the reservation form. Organizations must allow ample time to set-up before and clean-up after all meetings.  For after-hours events that run over the scheduled time, an additional charge will apply based on our $20.00 per hour fee. 

Media: Organizations that have invited or expect media coverage during scheduled meetings or events or require a Foundation logo must contact Kevin Heuer at kheuer@cfscc.org. In press releases and communications refer to CFSCC as: Community Foundation Santa Cruz County at the Jack and Peggy Baskin Center for Philanthropy.  WIFI is provided with the understanding that no illegal media is to be downloaded. 

Parking: The center has 46 parking spaces, with designated spaces for handicap, carpool, alternative fuel vehicles and an electric charging station. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. CFSCC encourages organizations to arrange carpools or use public transportation. Visit Santa Cruz Metro website at www.scmtd.com to obtain the best route.

There is additional parking across the street in the Safeway parking lot.  It is the group’s responsibility to communicate parking options to meeting attendees in advance.  Please do not park across the street at the medical building offices. 

Restroom Facilities: The center is equipped with the following handicap accessible facilities:

• 2 single gender neutral restrooms (one located on each floor)
• 3 single gender neutral restrooms (located on first floor) 

Room Capacity: The stated maximum room capacity cannot be exceeded. Please plan accordingly. 

Solari West maximum capacity is 28. If projecting, comfortable capacity is 18 to 20. 
Solari East maximum capacity is 28.  If projecting, comfortable capacity is 22 to 24.  
Solari East and West combined maximum capacity is 56.  
Couch Room maximum capacity is 12. 
Lance Linares Board Room maximum capacity is 8.  
Terrace maximum capacity is 133.  

Supplies: Organizations are responsible for bringing any needed supplies for meetings/events such as: easel paper, copies, and laptops.  CFSCC will provide dry-erase markers since permanent markers are prohibited.  CFSCC's workroom is not available for use.

Tape:  CFSCC only allows the use of painters tape on windows, whiteboards and behind the wood paneling.  Please remove any tape residue left on meeting tables or walls.   Do not use tape on painted surfaces.

Thermostats: The center has a radiant heating system throughout the building. Rooms are pre-programmed to maintain the room temperature between 69 and 74 degrees.  Please remind attendees to dress in layers. Only three community rooms have air conditioning (Solari Room East and West, and the Couch Room). The air-conditioning will automatically turn on if the temperature exceeds 75 degrees.

Windows: Several community rooms are equipped with operable windows which we encourage organizations to open if rooms become stuffy or hot.