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Fire Response Fund Grants

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Fire Response Fund Grants

Thank you for supporting our community as we recover from the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.

In these early days of rebuilding, we are working with our nonprofit partners to directly assess emergent needs of those who have lost their homes and are struggling with displacement. We are coordinating with county leaders to ensure that we maximize public relief resources.

We anticipate that the short and long term needs will be extensive. 100% of the Fire Response Funds go to our community.

Together, we will rebuild and heal our beloved community.

Initial grants have been made to:

is page will be regularly updated.

Want to Share Your Nonprofit's Fire Response Needs?

Grants fromt he Fire Response Fund are being made proactively, as we listen in to evolving needs identified by key partners, disaster response coordinators, and local leaders. While we are not offering an application process for Fire Response Fund grants, we want to stay in tune with needs as you see them from your nonprofit's perspective.

We won’t be able to provide funding to everyone who needs it. However, we hope this will give us a better understanding of the most urgent challenges affecting our most vulnerable people. This will help us prioritize deploying resources to where the need is greatest.

Please complete this short survey on behalf of your organization. It's a living document, so feel free to complete it again whenever responses need updating. Completion of the survey should not be considered a request for funding. If we see an opportunity to support the work you're doing from the Fire Response Fund, we will contact you directly to learn more.

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