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Fire Response Fund Grants

Photo credit: Shmuel Thaler

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Fire Response Fund Grants

In response to the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, the Community Foundation has granted $1,200,779 to meet the urgent needs of our neighbors. In these early days of rebuilding, we are working with our nonprofit partners to directly assess emergent needs of the nearly 1,000 families who lost their homes and the 1,431 homes and structures that were destroyed. We are coordinating with county leaders to ensure that we maximize public relief resources. Grants are addressing immediate needs, supporting insurance advocacy, and beginning to look at the long road of recovery.

We know the long term needs will be extensive as the fires destroyed more homes than the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. Leaders from communities that have experienced wildfires in recent years tell us that about 80% of funds raised in disaster need to be deployed in the months and years ahead. We have learned that local donations are often needed to bolster: basic and immediate needs, rebuilding homes and insurance advocacy, environmental restoration, preparing for future fires, floods, and protecting water, bringing people together, and starting new partnerships and teams to solve very local issues.

Together, we will rebuild and heal our beloved community.

100% of gifts go directly to our community.

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% of Grant Dollars Given
Photograph by Kara Capaldo
Photograph by Kara Capaldo
Photograph by Jeremy Lezin
Photograph by Kara Capaldo
Photograph by Jeremy Lezin
Photograph by Schmuel Thaler
Photograph by Kara Capaldo

Donor-Advised Philanthropy In Motion

In response to the CZU Lightning Complex Fires, donor advisors have granted $111,300 directly to support nonprofits in the relief and recovery efforts. Donor advisors are making a significant impact. Learn more about starting your own Donor-Advised Fund here.

Here are just a few examples of the unrestricted gifts given:

Want to Share Your Nonprofit's Fire Response Needs?

Grants from the Fire Response Fund are being made proactively, as we listen in to evolving needs identified by key partners, disaster response coordinators, and local leaders. While we are not offering an application process for Fire Response Fund grants, we want to stay in tune with needs as you see them from your nonprofit's perspective. Please email to share your needs.

We won’t be able to provide funding to everyone who needs it. However, we hope this open line of communication will give us a better understanding of the most urgent challenges affecting our most vulnerable people.

Support those affected by the fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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