Bay of Life Fund

Gifts to this fund support the important work of nonprofit organizations who are partners in conservation and education in the Monterey Bay region, with a focus on partnerships and collaborative efforts in the context of the Bay of Life Project launched by Frans Lanting and Christine Eckstrom.

Partnerships are a crucial component of the Bay of Life Project. The Bay of Life is a unique confluence of land and sea, energized by the sun, shaped by the forces of fog and fire, and influenced by the actions of people. California’s Monterey Bay region is the hottest hot spot for biodiversity in all of North America today, according to a study by the Nature Conservancy.

Yet a hundred years ago the region was more like a hotspot of ecological collapse. Onshore, the Santa Cruz Mountains had been largely clearcut and there were few redwood trees left standing. Offshore, the marine resources of the bay had been decimated by whalers, sealers, and fishers. The recovery of Monterey Bay since then is a remarkable environmental success story that shows damaged ecosystems can be restored when people care and act together. It is a story of hope as we are faced with new challenges ranging from expanding inclusivity and diversity to improving natural resource stewardship, extending habitat connectivity, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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