Tips on Giving Locally for Racial Equity

Photograph by Senderos.

Tips on Giving Locally for Racial Equity

Many donors have turned to us to ask, “How can my giving make an impact in racial equity locally?” We’re grateful to have these conversations with you and provide resources like our Giving Locally For Racial Equity event to hear directly from leaders of color working on racial justice. We will continue to offer experiences to learn and deepen your connections with leaders of color and Rise Together, an intercultural coalition advancing racial equity locally.

Historically, organizations led by and serving people of color receive less grant money with more strings attached than white-led organizations. This history in philanthropy and the significant racial disparities in our county have led us to increase investment in People of Color led and serving organizations in Santa Cruz County.

Here are a few questions to consider that will help guide your giving to organizations advancing racial equity in Santa Cruz County:

  1. Do People of Color benefit from the organization’s work?
    Do the recipients of their work reflect the demographics of our county? Are the people most impacted by injustice and inequity prioritized?

  2. Are People of Color in leadership positions at the organization?
    Are People of Color represented in positions of power: director level positions, board, and staff?

  3. Is the organization actively addressing racial inequities through their work? What change is their organization striving to make that improves the well being of People of Color? What impact have they made?

  4. Is the organization in authentic relationships with communities of color? Are they partnering with People of Color led organizations and individuals? Are communities of color satisfied and meaningfully involved in shaping their work?

We believe relationship building is important in giving for racial equity. We are here to help you learn more and connect you directly to the organizations doing this work.
When you decide to give to an organization, we suggest you make your gift for general operating support and consider a multi-year investment so that leaders can have sustained funding to support what they know is most needed.

If you’d like to learn more please contact Stacey Marie Garcia, Engagement Officer,