COVID-19 Update

Three Ways to Take Care of Ourselves & Others

The COVID-19 pandemic hit home in Santa Cruz County in March. Four months later, we are in the height of summer and still struggling with surging cases of the virus and the deep economic hardships of the shutdown.

As a community, we must stay focused on caring for ourselves and others as we return to work, reopen businesses, and meet the needs of our families.

Here are THREE WAYS we can support each other during these challenging times.

1. Learn more about COVID-19 Prevention & Safety

We are grateful for the expertise of Public Health Officer Dr. Gail Newel and UCSC infectious disease specialist Dr. Marm Kilpatrick.

On Tuesday, July 7, we hosted a town hall with Drs. Newel and Kilpatrick for our nonprofit partners on best practices for a safer reopening. The information they provided is important for the entire community.

Watch the full video here.

2. Protect Yourselves & Others

Thank you to Dr. Kilpatrick for using the most current scientific data to develop these four easy to follow guidelines for keeping us safer.

3. Give to Help Your Neighbors

Since the announcement of school closures on March 12th , the Community Foundation has granted over $2 million through the COVID-19 Response Fund. 100% of the gifts go directly to our community.

We are prioritizing those already disadvantaged by inequities: undocumented families, low-wage essential workers, seniors, and people with severe illness. Rental assistance and food continue to be the greatest needs with unemployment likely to reach 20%.

Learn more about our relief grants at work.

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