How to Help Maui Fire Survivors

Like you, we are heartbroken by the news of the Maui wildfire. As a community, we know all too well the devastation, grief, loss, and havoc that wildfires cause—especially tender now at the three-year anniversary of our own CZU fires. As a community, we also know how intense the recovery process is. There are immediate needs to tend to—making sure survivors have shelter, food, and medicine—and then the longer complex work of work of rebuilding.

We've seen time and again in the aftermath of climate disasters, that Community Foundations serve as philanthropic first responders who are steady partners throughout the entire recovery process long after media attention has shifted away from the crisis. We have established infrastructures for receiving donations and trusted relationships with local nonprofit partners on the ground who know what is most needed.

The Hawai‘i Community Foundation has a Maui Strong Fund. Trusted people and organizations both in Hawai'i and stateside are urging people to contribute to that fund. The fund has already distributed millions in grants for relief work and provides regular updates about how donations are helping on its website, social media channels, and e-newsletters.

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