Stacey Marie Garcia

Engagement Officer

Stacey’s role is to strengthen relationships among the Community Foundation, donors, nonprofit partners, and community leaders. She brings people together to connect, share stories, take action, and build a greater understanding of our community’s needs and solutions. She helps the Community Foundation cultivate trust across partners, advance racial equity in our actions, and ignite a love for giving in our community.

She comes from a bicultural family of teachers and organizers. They inspired the heart of her work: creating experiences that bring different people together to learn from each other. She’s worked internationally in nonprofits, education, museums, and cultural organizations. Most recently, she led the transformation of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s community engagement. She and her team led programs, exhibitions, events, and educational experiences that centered Santa Cruz County’s diverse creativity, voices, and stories, while bridging people across differences. In facilitating hundreds of local collaborative projects, she fell in love with our community and committed to planting roots in Santa Cruz County.

Stacey is grateful for our partners: our donor’s generosity, the nonprofits creating community-driven solutions, and our innovative community leaders. She feels privileged to be in a role that brings together people who love our community and want to make Santa Cruz County an equitable place that thrives for all who call it home.

Ask Stacey about…

Stacey’s here to help you connect with partners in our community and listen to your ideas, stories, and solutions. You can ask her about the COVID-19 Fund and Fire Fund grantmaking and resources, current community needs, opportunities to collaborate, and events at the foundation.

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