Danu Schoeck

Philanthropic Services Associate

Danu’s role within the Philanthropic Services team is to make philanthropy accessible and enjoyable for our donors. She does this through direct donor service as well as working behind the scenes to make giving through the Foundation easy, enjoyable and efficient.

Raised in Santa Cruz County, Danu has a deep love for this community. A dance and fitness teacher for ten years, she has a passion for sharing the joy of movement, music, health, and empowerment through dance. Danu worked in the for-profit world for many years, but it was her strong desire to serve the community that inspired her to enter the nonprofit world. Danu started her career at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County in 2013.

Danu has a passion for anthropology. She wants to know who we are as humans, what makes us tick, our differences and similarities, as well as how to best strengthen our community, so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Danu believes in the power of knowledge, engagement, and connection. She is thrilled to support both donors and nonprofits in building a vibrant, equitable, and flourishing Santa Cruz County.

Ask Danu about...

Got questions about DonorCentral or how to recommend a grant? Need information about your fund or assistance with making a gift? Danu can help connect you with the answers you need to make your giving easy and enjoyable.

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