Frequently asked questions about our academic scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

Scholarships from the Community Foundation are open to seniors graduating from Santa Cruz County and Pajaro Valley high schools. Some awards also extend to incoming freshman or sophomores attending local Community Colleges. We do not currently offer any opportunities for post-graduate scholarships. Access our comprehensive FAQs document to view the full eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

What do scholarships pay for?

Awards must be used towards tuition, but can also support costs for books, supplies, required equipment, room and board, and other relative expenses for the term you have been awarded if you are enrolled for that term.

How are recipients selected?

Selections are made by the scholarship committee and approved by our board of directors, based on the criteria outlined in our scholarships.

What happens if my academic plans change?

Make sure your application indicates your final college choice. If your college choice changes, it is your responsibility to notify CFSCC as soon as possible at ksouza@cfscc.org. If you have been awarded a scholarship and your award needs to be reissued for any reason, a reissue fee may apply. Some scholarships have specific enrollment requirements. A change in college could affect your award status.

I’m a current recipient, how will my scholarship get renewed?

Please fill out our brief renewal form by February 15, 2023. Renewable scholarship payments will be made, upon receipt of your annual renewal form, for up to three additional years or until a degree is earned, whichever is first. Renewal is contingent upon maintaining the cumulative GPA and enrollment status as specified in the scholarship eligibility description.

An e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail you provided on your original scholarship application when it is time to renew your award. Please contact ksouza@cfscc.org immediately if your email has changed.

What reminders and status notifications can I expect to receive?

  • Application Deadline Reminder: If you have started your application but not yet submitted, a reminder will be emailed to you two-weeks prior to the submission deadline. Applications must be complete/submitted to be eligible.
  • Renewal Reminder & Instructions: If awarded a renewable award, you will be sent a reminder notification in February, and again two-weeks prior to your renewal deadline.
  • Selection Results: All applicants will be notified of their application status in early May 2023.
  • Funds Disbursed: Scholarship Award recipients will be notified when funds have been issued via ACH electronic transfer.
2023-24 Scholarship Program FAQs (Full version)

Email: ksouza@cfscc.org

Phone: 831.662.2033