Types of Funds

There are many ways for people to turn their generosity into impact

You can create a fund that works best for you. You may want to support a particular need or give to multiple issues and have flexibility over time. You can make a single significant contribution, make ongoing gifts, or create a lasting legacy through your will or trust.

Donor-Advised Funds for Individuals, Families, Corporations and Foundations

A Donor-Advised Fund is a simple investment account for your charitable giving. Funds are easy, tax smart and fast to set-up. We handle all the administration and documentation so that you can focus on giving.

You receive tax benefits at the time you make a gift to your Fund and can use your Fund to make grant recommendations to nonprofit organizations at anytime through our online portal. Nonprofits typically receive the funds within a few days of your request. We can also help you evaluate nonprofits and determine the most effective organizations working on issues you care about.

You can open a Donor-Advised Fund with cash, appreciated assets or investments. Donor-Advised Funds are effective and tax wise for individuals, foundations and businesses. Donors choose the investment pool for their funds. You can invest for the long term or in capital preservation strategies for more immediate needs. Either way, we keep liquidity in our portfolio so your Fund is always available to you.

The minimum gift to establish a Donor-Advised Fund is $25,000.

Field of Interest Funds

We offer funds that support a variety of causes across Santa Cruz County. These endowed funds keep on giving forever, supporting the causes that matter to individuals in perpetuity. The principle donation is invested and grants are issued from the interest generated.

Current funds include:

Agency Flex Funds

We host funds for nonprofits so the organization can focus on its mission. We handle all details of investment oversight and management, relieving your board and staff of this task. Our investment committee oversees the investment management process. Your organization may advise grants from the fund in any amount at any time. Flex Funds are ideal for reserves and campaign projects.

The minimum gift to establish an Agency Flexible Fund is $25,000.

Agency Endowment Funds

A nonprofit organization can work with us to establish a permanent source of funding to support their mission. The earnings from the endowment provide a steady stream of income while the principle is invested for the long term. We manage the administration and can help the nonprofit develop planned giving programs to grow the fund. For nonprofits, earnings provide a steady income stream and support the organization’s programs and services forever.

The minimum gift to establish an Agency Endowment is $25,000.

Designated Funds

You can create a permanently endowed fund out of which gifts are made in perpetuity to any qualified charitable organization you like. You select the nonprofit and we manage the annual distribution of the funds forever.

Organizations can also establish these funds for themselves. The minimum gift to establish a named designated fund is $25,000.

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Corporate Giving

Your company can achieve significant impact through grants to nonprofits. We manage the fund administration, investments and vetting of the nonprofits for you. Our staff is also available to partner with you to design your program in a way that is uniquely tailored to your objectives and culture and to create maximum tax benefits.

The minimum gift to open a Corporate-Advised Fund is $25,000.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds can be created to honor or memorialize someone special, to honor the passions of an individual, or on behalf of a business or organization. Your scholarship will carry the name you choose. If you prefer anonymity, you can choose a name that reflects your charitable purposes. We assist with establishing scholarship criteria reflecting your passions and priorities. You can be as involved as you like in the recipient selection process. With your financial assistance, local students can achieve their academic and career goals.

The minimum gift to establish a Scholarship Fund is $100,000.

Get more details on our funds by contacting Robin Larsen, our Donor Services Officer.

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