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Philanthropy 831 Blog about the people and organizations invested in the future of Santa Cruz County.

Investment Options Continue to Grow
By Susan True / August 24, 2018

At the Community Foundation, we grow with you and your philanthropy. 

Regardless of what issue moves you to take action, we can help you transform your philanthropic dream into a meaningful reality that evolves with your needs. When you entrust your charitable dollars to us we help you meet your giving goals through sound financial principles and careful stewardship. Along with our standard investment choices there’s new options available to meet our donors’ objectives.


We know that professional advisors spend years getting to know clients and their financial goals, and work hard to help clients reach their highest aspirations. Did you know that for funds established with $1 million or more, donors may now recommend their trusted investment advisor to manage their fund within the Foundation?


Our Finance Committee and staff qualifies recommended advisors after reviewing the advisor’s credentials and proposal for investment policy, asset allocation, investment selection and fees. Our policy lets advisors retain client relationships and develop portfolios more closely tailored to their clients’ investment preferences. Long-standing advisor-client relationships combine with our personalized donor services. The result? Growing assets available for philanthropy and donors equipped to fulfill their charitable visions.


While investment strategies that diverge from the Foundation’s are subject to approval by our Finance Committee, we welcome custom approaches. One donor hopes to show that gender equity pays off, with the investment returns to prove it. Their outside fund manager selected a portfolio of domestic stocks, screened through a gender lens, including only companies with strong representation of women in governance and senior management. The family named the advised fund the Women’s Inclusion Fund and hopes to yield a triple payoff of advancements in workplace equity, financial performance and grantmaking to nonprofits supporting women and girls. 


Our Community Investment Revolving Fund (CIRF) provides another opportunity to achieve both financial and social gain. With a gift of $25,000 or more to the CIRF, donors can put their capital to work for local social good, like housing affordabilitysustainable agriculture and economic mobility for our county’s diverse workforce. The CIRF fund makes cost-effective, flexible loans, or impact investments, to local projects needing access to capital to solve local problems. The fund recently received its initial gift from a donor, and new investments will be made as the fund grows.If you are looking for a ready facilitator for your philanthropic vision, you certainly have one in Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. 

To learn more about our tailored and flexible donor services, please contact Philanthropic Services Director Sam Leask at 831.662.2060 or

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