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Monterey Bay Internships Promotes Education and Economic Vitality
By Luis Chabolla / March 3, 2016

Monterey Bay Internships

Have You Caught the Buzz?

Monterey Bay Internships, a one-stop web portal for connecting regional employers with students for paid and un-paid internships, is more than a good idea. It's happening!

The founding partnership team

The team put in over a year of planning and brought their money to the table to oversee the development of the site.

Monterey Bay Internships was built by locally-owned Iversen Design, and now managed by the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership.

"Together with our partners we saw a local need to focus our collective energy around the intersection of education and economic vitality," said our CEO Lance Linares.

"We invested in planning, but always with an eye to turning that as quickly as we could into action," Linares said. 


During the first months of 2016, as the site gets a final test drive, the team is busy recruiting area businesses and nonprofits to register and post available internships. 

"What's happening is a great examples of local innovation and collaboration at work," said CEO Lance Linares. 

Students at both Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz are being prepped on how they can use the online site to find local internships versus what was available to many before—yes, I'm not kidding —a mishmash of bulletin boards and unconnected databases.

So far, over 60 businesses and nonprofits have registered on the site, with over half posting a listing for an open position. The number of student profiles being created is growing as classes resume after breaks.

Talks are also underway to bring other area colleges, universities and financial backers onto the project team, as the site readies for a major public launch in the coming months.

"Keeping the brain trust here is critical to the economic vitality of the region," Linares said.


Luis Chaabolla

Luis Chabolla is communications director at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. You can subscribe to his blog posts and follow him on Twitter.


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