Resources for Nonprofits 

There are many questions you may have before hiring a consultant for your nonprofit. After first determining whether contracting outside expertise is necessary, you may want help on how to find the right consultant, as well as how to manage the relationship and the cost. Below are resources we compiled to help you.

Finding, Hiring and Working with Consultants

Help finding consultants

Grantspace, a service of the Foundation Center offer tips and resources in where to look for consultants, especially for fundraising help. 


Why use consultants?

Consultants can offer excellent hands-on experience, insights, practical solutions and fresh perspectives to vexing issues. But to receive your money’s worth you need to know when to use consultants and when not to use them. This webpage from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits provides you with some suggestions.


How to contract with a consultant

Tips from Stan Hutton and Frances Phillips from Nonprofit Kit for Dummies.


Strengthening nonprofits: working with consultants

This 42-page guidebook guidebook developed for the Department of Health and Human Services by the National Resource Center outlines "the key concepts and elements of effective consulting relationships, the mechanics of contracts and requests for proposals, and what working with consultants requires of the hiring organization."


All about consulting

This online resource from the Free Management Library provides links to dozens of articles on many aspects of consulting, from hiring a consultant to starting a consulting business.


Should fundraisers be paid a fixed-fee or percentage of money raised?

There is no lack of heated debate on the topic of compensation for fundraising consultants. The code of ethics for three professional associations state that percentage based compensation is unethical, but it continues to occur. GrantSpace, a service of the Foundation Center, offers you perspectives on the issue.


Understanding California law when hiring a fundraising consultant

If you're thinking about hiring an independent contractor to help with fundraising, it is essential to understand the requirements for commercial fundraising activities under California law. This webpage has information from a California law group to help you.


The ethics of consulting fees

From the perspective of a national professional association for fundraisers, this article offers a clearly outlined argument against percentage-based compensation that expands upon how such an arrangement can become a conflict of interest.


Is it necessary or important to hire a consultant to do planning or can we do it ourselves?

The Nonprofit Answer Guide, a project of the Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management helps you make an informed decision. 


Requests for Proposals and Contracts

An overview of the request for proposal for nonprofits, charities and libraries (from Tech Soup)

Consultant agreement (from the Montana Nonprofit Association)

Sample contract from the Free Management Library


Other Services (including pro bono help)