Darcy Pruitt

Senior Planner 

Regional Water Management Foundation (RWMF)

831.662.2052 | dpruitt@cfscc.org

Darcy is Senior Planner to the Regional Water Management Foundation, a subsidiary of the Community Foundation, whose mission includes improving water supply reliability in Santa Cruz County.

Darcy has an abiding interest in improving regional groundwater management. In service to the Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Agency (MGA), a regional water agency, Darcy is helping to develop the MGA’s state-mandated Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the Mid-County Groundwater Basin. Her role with the MGA includes developing content for the Plan, community outreach, coordination with local agency staff and technical consultants, and support to its public policy advisory committee.

Prior to joining the Community Foundation, Darcy worked as a land use lawyer and environmental planner. Her clients included cities, counties, private landowners, and the federal government. Her work on environmental restoration, natural resources planning, and environmental enforcement projects provide perspective on the partnerships necessary to create real change on environmental issues of public importance.

Darcy’s interests parallel the Community Foundation’s deep commitment to improving life in Santa Cruz County. She is a firm believer that most meaningful change happens when people choose to make a positive difference in their own lives and in the life of their community. Darcy feels fortunate that all the threads of her life’s work on planning and the environment have come together in the Community Foundation’s goals to improve regional collaboration on water resources, environmental stewardship, and local housing policy.

Ask Darcy about...

Darcy is a good resource on state and federal laws that touch land use development policy and environmental stewardship. She is becoming an expert on local water supply challenges and is good at explaining the intersection of regional growth pressures, water supply challenges, and environmental preservation.