Christina Cuevas

Christina Cuevas

Program Director

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Christina is a connector. She likes to learn from and connect with those who want make things happen for Santa Cruz County residents As the program director, Christina has the opportunity to learn about the latest issues, challenges, and opportunities affecting the county. She loves meeting people who are working to make the county a better place for all its residents.

A common thread through Christina’s work is her dedication to opening doors to diverse communities including people of color, women, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ. Christina started as a Bay Area high school teacher and college counselor where she learned firsthand how socio-economic environment impacts individuals and community vitality. Armed with new knowledge and passion, she helped establish the first bilingual/bicultural mental health clinic in San Francisco. Planning and fundraising for the clinic served as a springboard into philanthropy. Later at the San Francisco Foundation, she focused on community health in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Working at the Ford Foundation and then Latino USA, strengthened her commitment to equity for all.

Christina’s family taught her the value of giving back and her early experiences set her on a path to public education and nonprofit careers. Living and working in the county since 2000 has given her a solid knowledge of the community. She’s always excited to answer questions about the Foundation’s work and bring people and programs together in new and innovative ways.

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Christina is eager to help nonprofit leaders and donors find one another and share their interests and ideas to promote opportunities for change and improve residents’ lives. She’s also happy to help find new sources of support and capacity-building for nonprofit leaders and organizations in Santa Cruz County.