Why I Give

Since 1982, we have helped people from all walks of life to be philanthropists and to join us in giving money, volunteer time—or both—to causes they care about.

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Lex I give   Dakota Dillon I give   Kathy & Andrew Goldenkranz   Fred Keeley
Lex   Dakota Dillon   Kathy & Andrew Goldenkranz   Fred Keeley
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Chip   Sandy Skees    Al Carman   Nancy Loshkajian
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Al Walters   Courtney Leibrock   Stuart Rosenstein   Cynthia Mathews

Supporting the issues I care about is a long family tradition, reflecting values of both gratitude and responsibility.  It's rewarding to see that these contributions can make a real difference.

I have spent my career in philanthropy, as a donor, fundraiser, volunteer board member and now as a consultant and ED because I believe in the transformative power of nonprofits and the people associated with them.

Santa Cruz County is a gathering place for interesting people, an unmatched natural environment and more creative minds than you can shake a stick at. To be able to participate in our community's vibrant life, to help in a small way to strengthen and improve our lives is an honor—and why I give.

I give back to my community because I believe that we are all connected. We are stewards to and for each other. Knowing the challenges facing families and individuals then helping to make lives better strengthens our community. We are here for each other.
I give because it’s empowering and gratifying to be of service to a broad vision that supports a healthy, loving and playful community that celebrates each person’s uniqueness.
I give because I am fortunate in having the life that I do. I’m a volunteer board member for Special Parents Information Network. I give and show my gratitude by giving back.
When we open our hearts to give, it opens us up to receive blessings. There is a flow to life that giving enhances. We are all in this together. There is no “them,” there is only us.
I give because I believe it makes a difference—it is one very important way we create community. If we all give, our community will be the place we want it to be.
It’s nice to be able to use my career business experience to help people get started in their new businesses. I do this as the chairman of SCORE, a nonprofit offering pro-bono advice on running or starting a small business.
I give because I feel a sense of responsibility to this beautiful Santa Cruz community. Whether that's starting the 100+ Women Who Care local giving circle or helping foster leadership skills among women and girls. My inspiration comes from an Africa proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
I think of it more as “doing” than “giving" and I've always been inspired to "Do". “Doing” keeps me engaged with my community and my life. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than collaborating and creating something interesting. I've always found, the more I do the more I live.
I give my time and money to causes important to me, like the arts, education and the environment. In giving, I am able to engage with like minded individuals working together to make positive change in our community.
It's part of our lifestyle to give back both money and time. Giving enhances our relationship and the connections we have to our community.
I give because if we all help each other and work together we can make the community a better place.
I truly believe in the incredible power of people to do good in the world. Too many people are written off, underestimated and never given as much as an encouraging word…and it’s our loss. I give because I was given to. I believe that everyone should be empowered to live out loud to their fullest potential.